Medical Office of Sung S. Yang, M.D.

Medical Office of Sung S. Yang, M.D.

Medical Office of Sung S. Yang, M.D.

Medical Office of Sung S. Yang, M.D.

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While on Vacation

I was visiting Hawaii for the first time with my family. My daughter dislocated her elbow when her arm was accidentally pulled. Anyways I brought my 3 year old daughter to see doctor yang. He was very gentle and professional with my daughter. My poor little girl was crying without rest. He pushed the elbow back in place…just like that with a click. It happened very quickly and it worked. My daughter was not crying anymore…thank God….everyone especially my wife was so so relieved. I have been to other doctors for myself and daughter but this guy was really good. Highly recommended.

Kyung F.

Excellent Treatment

I had recently moved to Hawaii and was having pretty serious health concerns. I had been to multiple doctors and had almost given up hope of finding adequate medical care on the island. UNTIL I made an appointment with Dr. Yang. His staff and facilities are excellent appointments are prompt and He also has some of the best medical training you can receive. Dr. Yang was the first doctor and only doctor since I moved to Hawaii to correctly diagnose and treat my condition. I would highly recommend Dr. Yang to anyone looking for a primary care physician. He is now my pcp for the past several months and I am very happy with the treatment I’ve received.

Ivy L.

Dedicated & Professional

Dr Yang is an excellent doctor. His dedication to medicine and patients is wonderful. My husband and I are very pleased with Dr. Yang’s attention to detail and wealth of medical knowledge/experience. We are both middle aged and have been experiencing some of the woes of getting older. It is reassuring to know that we have a proactive doctor to address
our medical needs.

Monica R.

Knowledgeable, Honest, Caring and Professional.

Dr. Yang is very thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. I like the fact that he is open on Saturdays. His assistant is friendly and efficient, and when I called for an emergency appointment this morning at 9:30, she returned my call by 10:00, and gave me an appointment for 12! How awesome to be able to see my Doctor on such short notice! There is validated parking in the building, entrance is on Beachwalk. How’s that for Waikiki!?

Sheryl S.

Knowledgeable & Professional

I have been a patient of Dr. Yang’s for several years and have seen him for various health care issues. He is very knowledgable and professional and spent a lot of time with me. I really like the fact that he is located in a convenient area of Waikiki, with a modern, clean office with lots of validated parking. I can always get in, right away, to see him. Every time i went, his clientele was tourists and locals, and his lovely staff is very inviting. If you need a good Dr in Waikiki, I highly recommend Dr Yang.

Peter K.


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