Aging has always been viewed as inevitable in life.  However, many advances in modern medicine can slow the process of aging as well as maintain the quality of life during aging.   Recently, scientists have discovered that a decline in a special vitamin called NAD is likely the main cause of aging.   NAD is needed by all cells to store and use energy that is derived from nutrients and oxygen transported to our cells.   Also, the accumulation of oxidants is considered another main cause of aging.   Oxidants are unstable molecules that come from waste products of cells or the exposure to environment hazards such as cigarette smoke and UV light.  Oxidants can damage various cell structures including DNA and also deplete NAD sources.
Along with preventive health programs such as “Three Steps to Your Health” and “Weight Loss” Dr. Yang offers a unique combination of replenishing NAD and reducing oxidants in the cells so that cells remain intact and functional as long as possible.