Coronavirus Testing

Coronavirus Testing in Hawaii

Our Waikiki offices can provide consultation and possible testing for coronavirus should you meet the criteria to be tested. Dr. Yang and his staff are trained to give you a thorough consultation and exam. There are two testing methods that can be performed.

Our staff, after consultation, can collect a nasal swap from you and have it send to a clinical laboratory for the testing. This is set out to the continental U.S. and the turn around time is approximately 10 days.

The alternative method is a consultation with you and then a second consultation with the Department of Health to obtain approval for in house testing using local kits obtained by the CDC. The turn around time approximately 24 hours from once we obtain a sample from you. While the turn around time is faster, the restrictions on receiving a test locally are much stricter as the number of available kits here locally is very limited.

We generally suggest using mainland testing as we can expedite the collection and processing of the test and ensure results back versus possibly not receiving a test by the Department of Health.

In line with Hawaii’s Department of Health recommendations, we recommend:

  • If you are sick with fever, cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat, stay inside and isolate yourself from others.
  • Isolate yourself for at least 7 days from when your symptoms started. You must also be without fever during the last 3 days of your isolation.
  • Give us a call with your symptoms so we can determine if you should come in for potential testing.

Together we can slow the spread and protect those at higher risk of severe illness.