Three Steps for Your Health

A Preventive Healthcare Program By Dr. Sung Yang

Three Steps For Your Health Program

Dr. Yang’s Three steps to Your Health program was designed to be customized to fit your individual health needs.  Many people don’t realize that they might be asyptomatic and that testing for certain medical conditions may be recommended.  Recommendations are based on things such as your age, gender, medical and family history , Dr. Yang’s consultation will help determine the best course of action to take control of your health.

There are important screening tests that can detect certain diseases at early stages, which can then be treated more effectively. We will help guide you through a series of physical exams, lab tests, imaging and other procedures as needed. 

Step 1 :

History and physical exam are the most basic and the first step to start this process. Doctor Sung S. Yang will ask you questions about your allergies, medications, medical and surgical history, social habits, and family history to assess your risk for certain diseases. Then, he will exam you to focus on any vital organs like skin, heart, lungs, nerves, etc that may have this risk.

Step 2 :

Blood and urine tests are the next steps to evaluate you for diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, kidney, thyroid and liver disorders, and certain types of cancers.

Step 3 :

Mammogram, DEXA (X ray imaging for osteoporosis) and Pap smear are the special imaging exams for women. Prostate ultrasound is the special exam for the prostate in men. Also, if indicated you will be referred to specialist for a colonoscopy, which is a procedure that evaluates the colon and rectum for any signs of colon cancer. Vaccines for influenza (flu), pneumonia, hepatitis B, tetanus, varicella (chicken pox), shingles and others can be administered to reduce your risk for developing these diseases and prevent complications.