Weight Loss

Weight Loss Programs in Honolulu Hawaii

If you’ve been struggling with weight loss and are looking for a  long-term and healthy solution, Dr. Yang can help.  Obesity is  considered an independent risk factor for cardiovascular diseases just like diabetes and high blood pressure which can lead to sleep apnea (abnormal breathing during sleep), stroke, or heart attack. It is also a significant cause of depression, low self-esteem, and poor function at work and social life.

Evaluation :

First, Doctor Sung S. Yang will review your medical history, social and meal habits to identify the cause of your weight gain. He will do certain blood and urine tests to determine if you have any medical conditions that can lead to or is associated with the weight gain.

Treatment :

Ketogenic Diet:
Doctor Sung S. Yang will educate you and start you on the “Ketogenic Diet” which is basically reprogramming your liver, fat cells and other cells of your body to burn fat which reduces your weight as well as provides longer and more energy for your cells. As a result, your cells or you have enough energy and feel less hungry which allows your liver and other cells to burn more fat and reduce even more weight.

Ketogenic Supplements:
Some people can lose weight and feel more energetic with Ketogenic Diet alone but most people need supplements to help start and maintain this special metabolism in their body called “Ketogenesis”. Doctor Sung S. Yang will review certain Ketogenic Supplements that are both effective and safe in helping you achieve and continue Ketogenesis and of course weight loss.

Prescription Medications:
In addition, Doctor Sung S. Yang can prescribe one or more of the traditional medications such as metformin or phentermine that primarily reduce your appetite and intake of calories, which prolongs your fasting state and indirectly leads to Ketogenesis. Again, your liver and other cells turn on Ketogenesis which burns fat and reduces your weight.

Weight Loss (Bariatric) Surgery:
No one wants to go through a major surgery for weight loss unless it is absolutely necessary. However, certain patients may need surgery because of their excessive weight combined with coexisting medical conditions that put their health at serious risk. Or other patients have already tried but failed several weight loss programs that are similar to Ketogenic Diet and Supplements. Doctor Sung S. Yang can talk to you about the benefits and risks of traditional and new surgical procedures for weight loss. If you decide to proceed Doctor Sung S. Yang will refer you to a surgeon and later prepare you for the actual surgery (preoperative assessment and treatment) to make sure your body is ready for the physical challenge during and after surgery.